Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can...spiderman poses

guess the referances

movies, and games




and a filtered version


bad map choice

well, it is a city

also…i didnt bother to get a new map before i made this…considering i thought of the idea when doing things

would you rather me use gm_construct or dm_richland?


:f5: :effort:



actualy, the second picture was just placing a ragodll over a prop…

ill edit it out

To be honest as I am no picture critic, I thought it sucked really bad, It felt really empty. You need to add a plane in the sky or something of that, and add some more billboards on the other buildings.
Even put people on the other buildings.

ill redo this tomorrow…with birds, planes, people, cars, billboards…

and venom going on a killing spree (yeah, i know its not in his character, so what)

also, can you guys guess what these are…kind of…referances of, from spiderman games and movies

Graphics are bad, needs AA, posing is wonky, and angles are poor.

i know this will sound noobish, but what exactly is AA?

just, tell me, also(again, noobish, but i got my new computer 5 weeks ago after 3 months because the old one was falcon-kneed) how do i turn up graphics?

and i tried to get the posing good on spidy, i wish his ragdoll was more flexible

Antialiasing and you turn up the graphics go to Options > Video > Advanced and put them up higher.


and antialiasing is?..

again, i havent learned about this stuff before

Makes your images smoother and less jagged

Pu it up as high as possible it might lag a bit but since your only posing it doesn’t really matter.

so were do i find this?


off till tomorrow…


It’s in there

Venom sure likes humping that billboard.

I dig the running pose.



i dont know how you see that

okay, while im remaking these, guess the referances to either games or movies

the posing actually isnt that bad
but the camera angle, map and emptiness makes the picture bad

the first picture was hard to get a good angle, for some reason the rope decided to hide behind the chopper in the backround