Spiderman's Swep not functioning properly/not working.

I’m sure many have experienced this on a server/their server where the Spiderman swep doesn’t function properly as advertised. The author doesn’t seem to have a clue, neither I.
I was wondering if anyone knows a cure to make the spiderman’s swep work and actually drag people with the power rather than it being weak.

this one it is: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=114578864

the swep was made 2012, means before G13 - if I remember right >-<, so he has to check “why your scripts are now broken” page, and update it.

First option
Change your tickrate to 66.

Second option
Extract the GMA

Go to lua/weapons/spiderman’s_swep/shared.lua and go to line 150 and replace it with the code below

self.Owner:SetVelocity(vVel * 4) – Change speed here

Adjust the number to your liking.