Version 1.3 (alpha)

With great power comes great FUN! Imagine being able to zip through the air on a thread like the human spider of Marvel fame… Imagine no more! Introducing SpiderMod for Garry’s Mod. Based on the PS2 game, Spiderman 2, this gamemode gives you the power to really enjoy those massive tall maps like “huegcity” or “gm_simplicity”. Run, jump, swing and dive your way through parts of the map that normal mingebags can’t even hope to reach!

NEW!!! Version 1.3a YouTUBE Demo Video NEW!!!

Version 1.3a Wallcrawling Preview YouTUBE Video

Version 1.2 YouTUBE Video


Version 1.0 YouTUBE Video


  • Webslinging - not the pull-you-in kind, the real Spidey deal - jump and shoot a web line - start swinging to build up speed! Jump from the peak of your acceleration arc to launch yourself up into the sky… or at unsuspecting foes… but be careful - your range is not unlimited, and that can lead to some panicky moments with Spider-damage…
  • Wallcrawling - press USE on any world surface greater than 45 degrees and you can crawl or run up, down and around it til your heart’s content. Set up ultra-sneaky sniper spots… Bolt up a wall and let go just in time to sail over the roof top… Hang upside down from a bridge, waiting for just the right moment to toss a 'nade…
  • Spider-speed - walk and run as fast as spiderman himself!
  • Spider-jump - Press and hold the jump key to charge your jump and release to take to the air. Hold the sprint key while releasing to perform a spider-LONG-jump. Try charging your jump while swinging - timing is essential, but not hard to master - you’ll be zipping through the sky before you know it! NEW!! Now you can bound from wall to wall as well!
  • Spider-damage - what kind of world would it be if you could take a dive from the Empire State building and live to talk about it? A BORING one! Damage has been scaled (falling only) to match the PS2 game - watch how far you fall, now…


Current Version:

Version 1.3a (Filefactory Mirror)
Version 1.3a (FileFront Mirror)

PATCHES (be sure to get these as they become available):

UPDATED 2009-05-03 (you only need the one patch from 1.3a - just copy over the top)

Previous Versions:

Version 1.2
Version 1.2 (FileFactory Mirror)
Version 1.1
Version 1.0

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Known Issues (I know about them and will attempt to fix them asap):

  • Wallcrawling player world models may appear to be slightly away from the surface that they are attached to (this is an AABB issue - I am working on it)
  • Shooting at a wallcrawling player doesn’t always hit them - again, an AABB issue. Working on it
  • Wallcrawling player world models may not always seem to look at their target directly (hitnormal rotational issue)
  • Starting a wall-crawl in a narrow alley may cause the player to get stuck in a wall (related to first issue)
  • The webslinging hand occasionally sticks (stays out in front) - if you can reproduce this 100% of the time, please tell me what your criteria is
  • Please report any other issues on this forum thread (cheers)


Version 1.3.2 (alpha with patch)

  • Added Jumping from wall crawl
  • Added alternating left/right websling
  • Added motion blur when falling at a damaging speed
  • Fixed Strider Cannon destroys wcam entity

Version 1.3.1 (alpha with patch)

  • Fixed C4 spin forever bug (thanks again PwnTra1n)
  • Added strafe controls to wall crawling

Version 1.3 (alpha)

  • Added basic wallcrawling
  • Fixed ERROR shadow appearing beneath webstrand in high sunlight (thanks PwnTra1n)

Version 1.2

  • Added Custom View Models with true Spider-mation (left hand only for now)
  • Added PS2-borrowed Sound Effects
  • Changed web line to xbeam (white) to be more web-like
  • Thinned the web line a little
  • Other minor cleanups and enhancements

Version 1.1

  • Removed +spiderjump console command and the necessity to bind to it - jumps are now done using the regular jump key

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release

To Install:

Download the compressed archive and extract it to your garrysmod\garrysmod directory (the spidermod folder should reside in the gamemodes directory). When hosting a map, choose “spidermod” gamemode instead of “sandbox” gamemode.

Best Maps to play on:

http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=58584 http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=22815http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=5322

Happy Slinging,

I just played around with it on Hugecity and it’s a lot of fun! Very reminiscent of Spider-Man 2, which is a good thing. I’m sure in future versions we will see wall-crawling?

Wall crawling has certainly been discussed for a future version. It was actually discussed for the first version but getting the physics right for the proper web-swinging action took much longer than anticipated. I will keep my eyes here for feedback as to what comes next…

Could we have some screenies ? It looks awesome. Also does it have custom playermodels ,etc ?

Downlading when i come home, stay tuned for feedback


You should add the web thing to there, and he should do the gravity gun anim when you try to pull something from the gravity hands skin/model when he shoots the web :smiley:

Great job BTW.!

No custom skins yet and nothing really to “see” - that’s why I haven’t made any screenshots. I guess I could figure out a quick vid because it’s really more about how it is to play right now rather than how it looks. I’ll keep you posted.

Danke! I was considering getting in contact with the author of spiderman hands or perhaps doing my own. On top of that there has to be a world model as well.

Now all we need is a venom



I will see about taking a movie if I have time tonight (to figure out how to do that, exactly and then somehow find a way to show you just how much fun this is…). Screenshots would be pretty pointless because (as noted earlier) this is more of an effect of physics mod rather than a pretty mod - as yet - custom skins come after best fun(ctionality) is added and done right.

Well, I’ve managed to throw together a quick demo video and pop it up on Youtube. I will edit my first post to include the video there but because you are reading down here anyway, the video is also here.


You should really make it so you don’t have to rebind your jump key.

I agree. This was done due to a limitation with the API/Hooking at the time of coding. If I can find a way to either rebind default keys or to monitor the press, hold AND release of the player’s jump keys then I will make the change. I think (without reading that part of the code) that the problem was that it was possible to know if a player “jumped” or attempted to jump but there was no start-jump/stop-jump information available. And due to the nature of the mod, it needs to know when jump is pressed, held and released.

Presto chango - your wish is… whatever. Check out version 1.1.

In next version add the spiderman hands and use the insvable gravity gun and make a insvable w_model because i used it before and the w_model was’t insvable also use blue rope.

Red and white striped fingers crossed, I hope I can do more than that…

Version 1.2 is out!

  • Spiderman viewmodel hands (courtesy of hours and hours of messing around in Blender etc etc) with suit skin (maybe I will change it, maybe I won’t - it looks kinda cool) - CHECK!
  • Webslinging sounds “borrowed” from the PS2 - CHECK!
  • Thinner, sexier webline - CHECK!

Go get it now and have a web-blast!

got it

spider mod spider mod does whatever spi–
wait what