Spies V.S. Mercs - PvP gamemode based around stealth and control points

I’ve been working on this gamemode for a while now, and I think I’m ready to release it to the public!
It’s based off of Splinter Cell’s multiplayer component. In the gamemode, there are two teams, Spies, and Mercs (Mercenaries). These two teams clash against each other at control points. Once all spies are dead or the timer is finished, the Mercs win. When all the Mercs are dead, or if all Control Points are captured, then the Spies win.

Mercs are pretty much stuck to the ground. They can’t sprint, crouch, jump, or aim down sights (Except for the AUG), but they have tons of firepower! These guys can set traps for the spies, toss grenades all over the place, and buy weapons. If encountered by these guys, it’s best to run away.

Spies are very agile, but due to this, they can’t carry that much. They only have a knife and a handful of grenades. They can crawl through vents, capture points, or hide.

This is my first multiplayer-oriented addon and my second overall gamemode. Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated! Have fun!

This gamemode would not exist if it weren’t for the following people:

Facepunch Fourms - help and love <3

Dopey - Splinter Cell Chaos Theory HUD

Spy - Customizable Weaponry 2.0, FAS: 2.0, & Nightvision!

Heckin Cyber - Silent Step (Player Footsteps)

King David™ for all the wOS Animation Extensions

Stalker - Prone Mod

Daxble - AUG, Shotgun, Pistol, Vector

TFA - TFA BASE (Reduxed)

My friend Chase - broke someone’s TV

I would like to thank everyone here at the Facepunch fourms for helping me out with this. This gamemode would be nothing without you!

Steam Workshop Page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1171814010

Looks great dude! Question, are you using the holdtype creator from the animation base or just a CalcMainActivity on the sequences?

I didn’t create the weapons, so I have no idea. Sorry!

No problem! Just wondering because I am preparing for an update and didn’t want to break anything in your gamemode


Please add the ability to disable lights, destroy Windows, like in good old Splinter Cell. It’s so amazing.

haha, this gamemode was based off of Spies V.S. Mercs SCDA!

I may edit the map to allow dynamic lights (shooting them or disabling them), but at the cost of performance. I will look into it.

Thank you for the kind words!

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You’re all good dude!

But playerbase on Wii U was so small ;-;
Thank you for this!

Thank you for playing! It was a ton of fun making!

Hey Beside the gamemode being amazing.
The workshop page needs a bit of an overhaul on the GFX.
I’ll be happy to do this for you for free as I have conquered photoshop a few years ago just slide into my PMs if you need any.

Hey, thanks for the offer! I may take you up on it

Fantastic Work! Reminds me of an event that me and a couple of mates put together in January in which the FBI and the CHEKA fought against each other over a central Gas Station control point. I’ll check this out when I get home