I was feeling a bit spiffy today. Anyone remember Calvin and Hobbes? If you do you might be able to pick up where I pulled this out of. This is Spaceman Spiff’s spaceship. Enjoy.

The side.


The top.


The back.




The other side.


You can make it bigger with some modifications and it’ll look like some Star Trek ships.

So your the one supplying the Aliens with spacecrafts for the Earth invasion! :byodood:

But what happens when planet Six collides with planet Nine? o.O


Looks great, nice work on getting the shape right!

Oh god.


Cool stuff

You are now my favorite person in the contraptions forum.

Ah, the memories, ZOIDS!

Spliff craft, Awesome.


I didn’t spell spliff wrong, Nor did i spell craft or awesome wrong.

I love it!

On its own, a nice ship. But witht hat inspiration, just plain amazing. Don’t suppose we can expect any special F-14s from you?

Looks pretty spiffy.

I know what you’re talkin’ about :weed:

Very Nice iosekki ! Looks just like the comics ( I have One sitting on my desk right now) But from the spacecrafts ive made, it looks like that would be a pain in the ass to steer! if you dont mind could you tell us how you go around that? looks like it would just spin in circles into you blow it up!

Make a video of it :v:

Hey, this is pretty cool