Spike 'N' Barley Fan Comic: "Wheelchair"

My very first comic.
Which is probably a good indication of the quality.
Thumbed in case you have a slower computer or something.

If you have no idea what this is about, I suggest you read this thread,
C&C on posing/lighting/art-related things appreciated.


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graphics and posing are both great but I don’t get the comic

Spike and Barley are two people who do Lets Plays of games, they did one of sven co-op afraid of monsters directors cut on cocyxs server and in amnesia, they named the wheelchair twitcher/zombie charles, there was a player (cocyx) stalking and killing them who was known as david leatherhoff, and in amnesia they named the monster mr. struts because of the way he walked.

AKA: Click his link.

Yes I did click his link, I still don’t get how this is genuinely funny.

Meester man!


I read the whole comic in their voices.

Watch the videos first.

Charles broke the damn stairs, man!