Spike Walls

Currently, my idea to stop people from blowing the walls of my base is to use spike walls and while I think they work pretty well, due to the fact no one else has raided me, I’d like to make a request.
Make it to where the person that placed the spike wall, easily pick the spike wall back up (personally I think if the owner placed it, they should be able to pick it back up, however not building and housing materials. i.e. walls, windows, door frames, etc.). I do sometimes mess up the spike wall because I can’t truly see where I’m placing it and there is always some sort of hole that I know players can exploit.

Another request, reduce the area of damage. I know that the area of damage for the spike wall is to big. I could be really really close, but know realistically that my body isn’t touching it, but I still take damage.

Last request: get rid of the spike wall damage bleed through structures. its frustrating cause I have to use the spike walls to guard my base, but if I get to close to the wall in my house, I take damage. Tis bad.

I agree with the range to be reduced to a more safer level but, I think that if you want to move the object you place you should require a tool that has the ability to move objects. I like the realism in the game (Or at least I interpret it as realism) by placing an object down you can’t really move it easily. Perhaps making a shovel or a wheelbarrow that will enable you to move it to another location and even help you move it there faster.