SPilot & SBoats The SCars Alternative

Meh. me and my friends came up wiht this idea when we were playing with SCars,
Then we thought… What if Someone OR Sakarias made something Very Similar to SCars But instead with Planes, Heli’s, Spaceships and anything else that flys.

And then we also thought how cool it would be to have like a Boat thing similar to SCars, we’d figured it would be named SBoats. my friend went on and on about how cool it would be to make his own Yacht with it.

Too bad my Friends and i are like Cavemen with lua. (No offense Geico Cavemen)

For SPilot, i thought it would be cool to customize an AC-130 Gunship :stuck_out_tongue:

if you don’t like the idea, or going to post on how stupid it sounds, then dont post.
As For Everyone else Please Share your thoughts on this idea

This would be awesome!

My idea is there are 3 seperate tabs. One is SCars, one is SPilot, and the last is SBoats. Under SPilot and SBoats, there is Spawner, Tuner, Health, Fuel, Weapons, and Buoyancy. Under SPilot, there is Tuner, Health, Fuel, Weapons, and Spawner.

Some of the types of boats I want for the SBoats are a Yacht, patrol boat from Farcry 1, and army patrol boat, a rowboat, and a motor boat.

Some of the types of air vehicles I want for SPilot are a huey, combine helicopter, black hawk, AC-130, longsword from halo, and a UFO.

That’s what I’m thinking about it being.

Maybe Sakaris can do this if it’s possible. Well, I’m sure it’s possible. It’s gotta be really hard though.

I believe in you Sakaris :slight_smile:

I like the way you think lol



And yes, this thread does deserve more attention. This is an awesome idea.

hey you got my attention it would be cool

nice thinking by the way

i gto a few more ideas for the SBoats thing, maybe… Warships? like ModernDay Battleships (sized down of course) and pirate ships and you can customize the guns, and design and such.

thats a good idea and i can use my avatar for the sails lol awesome

I like the idea too, sadly I don’t think he has time for it, but we can hope :slight_smile: