Spinosaurus walking around in the rain...

Meh sorry to spam another picture.
But I need C&C
What to improve?


the shitty tree leaves kinda ruins it…
not that you can do anything against that

Oh you mean the low res gras on the left and right?
Yeah its cause of my color blindness and even now I can see it barely.(Hint: Im not fully color-blind its just hard for me to see different things like yellow and orange)
But I know how to fix problem.
Would somebody mind if I show him the picture first he tells me whats wrong so I can change it?

Lol I was hearing a trance song when I looked at this and I thought the Spinosaurus was dancing :v:

Editing looks good, some plants look kinda weird but I guess you aimed for Artistic instead of realistic.
Posing on the dinosaur’s legs looks weird, looks like he is jumping.

You mean like he is doing the moonwalk or what?

YES! exactly! lol

Well beside of the fact that the dinosaur loves to moonwalk are there any other shitty things in that picture?

I really like this one for some reason. The rain needs improvement, and the textures are kinda low, but I still like it.


Paint 4 u!111!

Yeah I still dont know how to do a good rain.
Still gotta learn very much.

His legs are broken D:

A large animal would never be able to support itself like that, it’ll collapse in on itself :frowning:

Try spreading the legs, and make one leg ahead of the other one, that way its weight is evenly distributed across its legs

It’s alright.

Looks pretty good. Keep working at it.