Spitter genericness


Old edit;

Scary :ohdear:

Pretty sweet. Spit edit it quite nice, the foggy gunk stuff coming from the water is good and the shading is nice too. Good work!

Glad to hear the spit looks okay, spent a while on that.

Fuck man, that looks really nice.

Awesome posing, the lights are awesome, and all the other shit is awesome.
Maybe the acid looks a little flat tho.

An artistic for you.

Good grief she is so disgusting. Spit looks very good. A gross rating would have been more fitting. Have an artistic instead:)

Valve really hit the nail with this one.

Lol Ghoul from Dark Messiah.

Nice one.

Wow! This looks great! I can’t think of anything else thats bad about it than whats been said (Not very much at that) :wink: Great job!

She’s just sad the she wont be able to get her head back out of those bars, and that none of the other zombies are carrying butter :frown:

The Boomer in the back will have to vomit and hope that will work…ewww.

Cool! Have you guys noticed that the Spitters trought looks like a vagina btw?

Looks fun.

really nice,love it
btw do you have the same problem as me? which is the spitter’s neck/upper-head junction being wrong?



I would like to thank Urbanator for sharing:)

I spy an undead.



. :frown:

She is quite awkward to pose, her neck area inparticular. It was considerably harder when a sewer grating was also in the way too.


I spy a dark messiah zombie.

Now that sir, is ANYTHING… but generic.