spk25_Tunnel Of Doom


Check Out my new map spk25_Tunnel Of Doom. Its really fun(and requires a powerful computer to play sometimes). Here Is the link:

Looks good :downs:

You missed the releases section.

Why does this require ‘a powerful computer’ to play? It looks like it’s about 6 brushes with some ammo crates in it and no lighting.

look at map pimpage thread

now look at your map

does anything in your map look remotely detailed and intricate as the maps in the map pimpage thread? if not, then don’t post a fucking thread about it, let alone upload it to gmod.org because it’s obviously a pile of shit that no-one wants to play

Look at your map.
Now look at my map.
Now back to your map.
Now back to my map.

Sadly, your map isn’t my map…

OP is a troll.

Haven’t really had any trolls around these parts of a while.

This map is worse than that guys first CSS map in the releases.

Whoa, this map scared me.
Seriously it did, I could’ve sworn steam was going to uninstall itself because this was so trivial and a waste of time.