Splicer walks away from his victim as the room floods...

An old picture I finally got around to editing:



Please compare the original to the edited version:

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C&C please and thanks,

Really good looking!
Me likes!

How can someone “disagree” with a picture?

Thanks for your comment, Bliblixe.

While it’s not an actual Splicer model, it still looks great and the pic feels just like Rapture. Great stuff.

I stongly disagree with that picture!

But overall, it’s cool

I made this before the splicers were released so I had to make do.

Thanks for the comment.

Haha, thanks master.

Posing looks good, editing is fantastic as usual. Great job chesty.

This is old :v:
I like the new edit tho <3.

Smaxy edit

The map has a leak… GET IT? LEAK? :v:

Nice picture :]

Well my map has a leek too.


I disagree with you. That picture is just your opinion.

It looks pretty good but it needs some editing to give it that Rapture atmosphere. The colouring is all off.


How can a picture be an opinion?

Hey, pictures have opinions and feelings too!

Oh wait…

Cool picture!
But what the fuck is up with the alien picture on the wall?

I guess it’s supposed to be a woman.

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Nice editing and posing, but it’s not your best work in my opinion.

No, I agree. Thanks for the comment though.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Maybe those words form an opinion!