Splinter Cell: Blacklist prisoners

Splinter Cell: Blacklist prisoners

Originally these models was working for months but were stalled due to problems (blackouts, PC problems, and I get sick) but since there is no decent model for inmate and looking for something more “prisoner” Like the prison uniform of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, Well…since I was 2 days without sleep (and possibly a little drunk) and with nothing to do I decided to finish them, solve some errors in the rigging, etc.

These models has only 14 skingroups for the faces


Gmod.org (until my internet stop being so slow!)

Credits for:

In the case that these models have bugs let me know or in case of improvements (such as broken handcuffs)

Nice work Elcard, these will surely be useful!

The phong on some of the faces and arms seems a bit strong and flat, are you sure you kept the specular maps in the alphas of the textures with the face and arms?

that’s one shiny black guy

Still retain their specular maps and alphas in the arms and heads, the arms use the same .vmt as your vietman soldiers, Only the textures of the heads of the blacks guys and the last one I had to modified a little the phong of their faces since it looked like it passed over a polisher

can you rip some soldiers?

Nice Slcrad Secsi