Splinter Cell: Conviction

So I was playing Splinter Cell Conviction recently, and I couldn’t help but notice there was a lot of variety to the models featured within it. The most obvious would be the mercenaries, but there’s also plainclothed civillian agents, police officers, one or two construction crew models, the Spetsnaz soldiers (who have an incredibly large amount of variations), as well as some other kinds of mercenaries who wear green shirts (again, with a lot of variations) and all the alternate outfits for Deniable Ops and co-op.

I really think there’s a lot of useful models to be found in Conviction, and I’m certain porting from it would bring an awful lot of variety for poses and such.

Well, i’ve heard you could only port from Conviction using GameAssassin, im unsure.

Although Dean made some ports awhile ago:

Yeah, I already got both of those. I mean the enemies and civilians mainly, which I don’t think have yet been ported.

Grim would be nice. You know, a female that’s fully clothed but doesn’t look like a complete whore.

In between school, work, and my own custom projects, I’ve actually been working with the vehicle props from that game. I got them with 3Dripper DX (Dean helped me with that one) and I managed to fix up a lot of errors with the models I have. Unfortunately this occasionally means ripping the model apart and rebuilding it, almost from the ground up. I did that with a Chrysler Aspen, and I’ll be doing it to a Cadillac Escalade too. Problem is that half of the textures are broken for that game. so If you wanted to use the original textures for some stuff, you’re outta luck. so if you want character models, go with gameassassin. Not sure if it handles props/brushes well, or if it screws them up like 3Dripper.

Sorry to bump this, but there’s a lot of models I think would be useful here.

Also, I can’t do it myself because my computer is shitty and I had to get it on XBox.

Theres a few on Gmod.org but its down for me right now

+Support mostly because of this awesome model

Admittedly that was why I asked in the first place, but I figured someone was more likely to listen if they knew there were tons of varies models.

That’s my favorite outfit next to the default ones.

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I don’t mean to be annoying or anything, but I think these models would be useful in any number of poses and such

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For what it’s worth, the model is already available in xnalara format. It’s also worth noting that the quality of the model is less than even some NPC armors in blacklist.

to be fair, you’d be expecting to see a lot of those models in the dark.

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