Splinter cell (not) shooting off screen



model test

I know its boring but C&C if you want

I like the ground fog.

I like the desaturation.

I’ve always wondered why pictures like these have fog in them.

What, do warehouses always just stick smoke machines in all the corners of the building?

fo’ the looks

It is a known fact that owners of graveyards/warehouses/city streets are required to turn on fog machines occasionally.

I like the ground fog desaturation.

Was bored and made this, was trying to find a place to put this but I didn’t know where,even though its mine, sorry for bumping this thread.


Where did you get the model?

thanks for the comments on the two screenshots

and about the model it’s a WIP

The box art makes it seem much better, but his feet seem strangely positioned however that may be the angle.

Model’s out in a wee bit.

The same reason L4D adds film grain in the dark - it balances things and makes it look interesting instead of being flat and boring.

Its a model test man give it time btw awesome stuff dude :slight_smile:

whys there a zombie behind him lol

I just noticed that, great pose, I just noticed that the pose in the picture you made a custom case for.