Split by new line

How does one split a string by a new line. I Tried “/n” but it would not work becuase I am working with text entry and I need to split it by lines? Thanks.

Are you using DTextEntry?


Do you want the text written by default to have a ‘line-break’ or do you want people to be able to add line-breaks by hitting ENTER?

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Eitherways, http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Panel/SetMultiline

Okay, I fixed it a made a stupid fucking type, Did /n instead of
. The proble now is when the scrollbar comes up the text does not draw relative(im overriding paint function). What I mean is when the text become to long and the scroll bar appears the drawn stuff does not move with it, Is there some way to get the scroll value to do it?