Split Screen!

I usually have relatives over, and my relatives usually have kids, and instead of watching me play Garry’s Mod the kids want to play too. I made this for the kids, so that they’d be able to play Garry’s Mod with me or if two of them wanted to play Garry’s Mod.




Currently works for both Garry’s Mod beta, and regular Garry’s Mod. Though beware, the beta version squishes the screen for some odd reason, and the regular version has some artifact errors due to, I guess, the FOV.

Other problems for the splitscreen person:
Major glitch out when you enter a vehicle.
Cannot rotate and object with the physgun.

Concommands to bind:

gm_splitscreen.dll is a rename of gm_botcontroller.dll from: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/736452
All I did was recompile it for the orangebox engine.

(it will say download at your own risk, this is because garrysmod.org automatically reports files with .dll extensions, and the module is in this)

If the laws of nature would allow it, I would bear OP’s children.

Forgot to mention. You need to run ss_create to enable the split screen.
You cannot use this in singleplayer or else it will crash.

Some people might be get a load of errors that don’t really affect gameplay, but those errors can be fixed by:

  1. Opening lua/autorun/splitscreen.lua
  2. Under line 32, or “local function botPaint()” insert:
    EyePosOverride = olEyePos()
    EyeAnglesOverride = olEyeAngles()
    LocalPlayerOverride = olLocalPlayer()
    ScrWOverride = olScrW()
  3. Save & reload Garry’s Mod.

All i’m missing is:
+ss_speed (run)

If I have 3 monitors, it is possible to put one side on monitor 1 and the other on monitor 2 ?

I can add +ss_reload and +ss_speed.
Do you mean ss_duck_toggle instead of +ss_duck_toggle?

I don’t know, I don’t know if garry’s mod added native support for two monitors. Does it allow you to play half of garry’s mod’s screen on one monitor and the other half on the other monitor?

Yea, i meant ss_duck_toggle

I know portal 2 I think it allow that but I didnt remember if I used earlier a third program for multi monitor. ( Soft TH )

Updated with the features you guys requested.
Also added a fix for vehicles.
Physgun rotation is still on my todo list.

Since i downloaded this, any game i join is splitscreen. Whether its multi-player or not. half is me and the other half is another real player… BUG?

Yeah, it’s a bug.
Replace line 51 in splitscreen/lua/autorun/splitscreen.lua with:
[lua]if not bot or not ValidEntity( bot ) or not bot:IsBot() then return end[/lua]

the original line was:
[lua]if not bot or not ValidEntity( bot ) then return end[/lua]

This is freaking genius. Too bad I didn’t have it back when I actually needed it.

Lua kinged.

Amazing that is all.

Can u upload all files in one .zip On mediafire or something like that??? PLZZZZZ :smiley:

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Can you buy Garry’s Mod plzzzzz?

This is awesome. is there a way i can use two mouses though?

I Lol’d.

So this is multiplayer only?

I am asking because I keep steam offline due to an EXTREMELY unreliable/unstable internet connection
Literally every time the wind blows it goes out and has to be reset.

Oh god, i love you. This is gonna be brilliant when everything works.

sv_lan 1 works
you don’t need to be connected to steam.