"Split-Second" Addon Downloading Issue

Recently I tried getting the addon on the Workshop for the PRR T1 Locomotive that’s currently being popular, but with the model author uploading two versions (a new one to fix the old, which for some reason isn’t an update to the orignal), I had to unsub and resub a few times to get the proper addon.

However, this seems to have thrown my GMod in a loop. The addon isn’t downloading, at least not completely. In experimenting with subbing to the addons in question (either version) in the Steam browser while watching the game window, the game seems to pick up and try downloading the addon for a split second before stopping and quitting the process. No indication ingame is made to me subbing to the addon, and no files show up in the “addons” folder in the GMod files. This is only affecting the two addons in question, I can still subscribe and download others just fine.

Is there a way to work around or straighten out the problem? It really is an annoying issue I’d like to get fixed so I can use the proper version of the addon.

Post console log.

Just tried the "resubbing method and this is what I got:

That’s it.