Split/Second Vehicle Ports

Hey, I was wondering if anybody wanted to try porting some of the cars from Split/Second.

Specifically, the huge tanker trucks from the Survival gamemode:



Nice truck!

Just one more bump to see if anybody considers this.

I don’t think so that anyone would port something from racing games.

Oh yeah, can you share with us why not?

What are you talking about? There are a bunch of ports from games like Need for Speed and Flatout 2.

Doesn’t make any sense that no one would port cars from games with cars.

It really doesn’t. There’s a Vigilante 8 thread on here somewhere.

Well you can always try ripping them. That requires about 1% of the effort you would need to figure out the game’s files and port them.

But I don’t have Split/Second so I can’t help you at the moment.

I still have the game installed and I’ve always wanted to try ripping models from other games (especially to use in Source).

I’ll download a trail of 3DS Max and see how it goes.

ohgod do it.

I’ve been trying using 3d Ripper DX with this but it comes out as corrupted textures and distorted cars. At least for me.

Kinda strange. So far I imported the main model of the truck in 3DS Max just fine, now going to place it through Milkshape.

Actually I think I’ll do the main chopper as well while I’m at it.


Ran into a problem since I’m still new. So far though I’ve optimized the whole truck as much as I could, so now the polycount is 10K.

Thanks for taking this up! Wasn’t sure if anyone was going to. Wish you the best of luck.

Also, if possible, would you be able to ragdoll the truck’s segments so it can bend left and right? It’s not that big of a deal but it would be really awesome if you could do it.

I’ve gotten 60k models into GMod before. If it’s any higher than that you might run into some trouble, but otherwise you shouldn’t really need to optimize it much.