Oh my god. Those legs…

Catfight. Hardcore version.

Looks like Jade is going to have…

puts on sunglasses

…a splitting headache.


All seriousness though, very cool!

Posing is excellent as always.
I didn’t know we had a chainblade model.


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it’s a cat fight, get it?


I came here expecting this one.


a compliment from Urbanator is always nice.

it’s either in this

or this pack

… and thank you. posing the two halves kept me busy for about 1 1/2 hour. 2 1/2 hours for the entire pic.
here’s some other angle to show off the topic better


really? good!

That’s Ivy’s Whip Sword. It’s in the pack with her in it.

Nice pose but I’d place the staff a bit different.

It just looks wrong in that angle

That ass is so flat.