Splitting stacks.

Probably known about but ocasionally left click dragging splits stacks, it’s infuriating when trying to clean up chests or loot.

It’s suppost to be :

It does work but sometimes glitches and left click dragging splits stacks.

Again, it’s probably a known bug but I thought it should be noted.

Never had that problem, ever. Maybe your mouse is going bad or your fingers are going fat.

Also, I have 3.5k hours of Experimental… and I only learned about splitting stacks in half with the middle button 2 weeks ago. I wish I learned that much much earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

Never experienced this issue.

is there a way to take all loot from a crate/body/barrel at once ?


This is only a problem when a server increases the stack size, not on vanilla, right?

Sometimes it drags the vanilla stack size instead of the full stack when left click dragging.

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