SPLODE! (+extra)



C&C please

Explosion looks kinda messy and the contrast is kinda bad.

It’s an interesting style, but it’s not very good technically speaking.


I like it.

hmmm it could have done better



Lots of brown dust, which would be more conducive to an outdoor explosion in a desert or something

Messy explosion? Ya ok, so all explosions in reality are gonna be pretty and " Non Messy " ? I disagree with you 50003200300+ " That obviously would make no sense either, rethink about that post before you actually decide to post please.

Messy as in it doesn’t look like an explosion. It’s too jumbled and nonsensical.

As you so well said, “rethink about that post before you actually decide to post please.”

Oh please, don’t even get me started.

true true every explosion I’ve ever seen was quite clean

in my 'nam tour, the explosions were rounded mushrooms of fire that would scorch my clothes but never take a foot off or anything

Vman already pointed out the obvious, no need for further arguing.

agreed i would like constructive crit not arguing

Hey its tourist guy.

How optimisticly nice of you.

i don’t know what other people are talking about, looks freakin amazin,the posture of the guy not blown up yet doesn’t look all that good but oh wells