'Splosion Man SWEP

I thought of this SWEP when I was in the middle of playing this game. A SWEP that makes you explode, but does not harm you.

The SWEP would go like this, you are able to explode (or splode to say) three times in a row, by jumping or pressing mouse1. After you use up the third splosion, you have to recharge on the ground for a second. Without leaving a single scratch on you. If you keep trying to splode after your third one, you will make a squeaky toy noise, for comic relief. I’d be funny if the SWEP would be able to turn other players into neatly packed deli meats when slpoded.

Thank you for reading my request.

I think that would be awesome. You’d also need to be able to Wall Jump, as well.

And a bit off topic, but the person playing in that video isn’t very good. No momentum.