Sponge & GoTyler's Wacky Gmod Adventures

Because we make so much shit, we’d flood the don’t wanna make a thread thread.

Basically this just us in multiplayer playing with some models we like, mostly TF2, Homestar, or Nintendo related things. So if you’re into that, you’ll probably enjoy our pictures.

We’ll be posting more pretty soon, I’d imagine.



Word for the wise, MLP is not taken kindly to here.

Reminds me of early 2009/2008

Oh man, I can only imagine how you folks must treat homosexuals.

Gotcha, I’ll just remove the ones with ponies in 'em then.

You’d be surprised how many people here are homosexual.

Also, you do some good poses.

Because spergs in love with fictional cartoon horses are in the same league as homosexuals.

[sp] “Guys, I only watch it for the story!” [/sp]

tuck the butt and I won’t have any problems.

Wait, Which?

All of them it looks like they are trying to shit while standing.

Oh great, Now I can’t unsee.

So you’re implying people who watch MLP act like pussies,and so should homosexuals? Not that I’m contradicting you, mind you. About the bronies part.

Anyway that was a pretty stupid statement.