SpongeBob Models?

I’m relatively new here and not sure how some things work in terms of requests, but I feel I should give this a shot. I don’t blame you if you think I sound like a noob.

Are there any SpongeBob SquarePants games that people here can rip good models from? Mainly the characters?

I got the urge to ask this because I saw a lobster bus from “Battle For Bikini Bottom” in a model pack on Apoc and RTB’s Model Porting Group and it got me wondering if someone could rip more stuff from that game, like characters?

I’d appreciate the help.

Search befor making a thread please

Some models

And a map

They are not perfect.

I would acctually wanna see something more accurate. In addition, I would like to see the following characters:

Mr. Krabs
Mrs. Puff

Dang right I’m looking for something more accurate than that. That’s part of the reason I was asking. (That Krusty Krab is pretty decent though. I already have it.)

And yes, those characters along with SB (and maybe stick Squidward and a jellyfish in there) would be nice. Most of them can be found in that “Battle For Bikini Bottom” game I mentioned, except for Mindy, who can be found in the movie game, but it was made by the same guys as BfBB and for the same consoles, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

LuigiMario Ported some from Battle of Bikini Bottom but they’re unreleased right now, and you have to ask him

Mindy, I chose, because gmod needs more mermaids.

Oh really? How may I go about asking him then?

I remember getting Ariel from Kingdom Hearts II in an InvisGhost model pack, but yeah, we need more of those. Just imagine being able to put those two in a scene together!

There’s the Bus from Spongebob in this pack:

Welp… I guess It’d be just as awkward as having Chuck Norris bump into Captain Falcon. Lol… But nevermind me, though.

Just a mere question out of ignorance, but why would someone waste their precious time to port/create models that, in the end, would almost never see the light of day to begin with? Unless I am misinterpreting a piece of information, this is something that I’m not too sure about.

I have Mr. Krabs, Spongebob, Squid, and sandy ported but I’m trying to get the models from the GC game, I had to get teh crappy ones from the PC version, I also have the models from all the other PC spongebob games available. but sadly my texture dumper doesn’t work, but I guess if I get around to it I might release some. I’m just planning on using them for animations and such for TF2 (not that I’m trying to do a Spongebob TF2 pack or anything, replacing all the classes, and I’m definitely not making plankton the demoman )

Ohh, I see! Facepalms in reaction to own self-stupidity

(At least I’m exhibiting some form of dignity, however great or small it may be… :P)



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like I said these are crappy ones

Mindy is very polygonial. Any pics of Sandy?

Well, at least you’re working on getting the better ones. Thanks for letting me know!

…And Plankton as Demoman? I see what you did there.

spongebob makes a cameo in this video

I’m going to teach myself animation so I might make some player models or something for gmod aswell as tf2

They don’t look to bad otherwise. Is the problem fixable?

Oh god I forgot about this, its been such a long time xD


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yeah it is

dont let this guy near heavy when eating the dolkovah bar…


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the Mr. Krabs model at the end is from Creature from the Krusty Krab PC

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also the size in the picture is not the actual size of the model

Hmm… These aren’t completely bad, but the console versions are still what I ultimately want. However, these would be alright to have until those get ripped and ready for GMod.