Spooky Moments

Loving the game, just wanted to share a spooky moment…

I’m happily gathering resources, and glance over to the TV (which i dont normally take notice of) to see whats on and a person on the programme says ‘you know, whats his face?’.

Then, i heard a gunshot in the game and i looked back to the game. In chat, it said something like ‘You have been killed by whats his face’.

Thats spooky enough, but then a few hours later i was browsing my clan forums Im a member on and we are talking about rust. One of our clan members said his name was whats his face. He didnt know about the above, and didnt know my ingame name…

True story. I need a lie down.

I was once in a house with a wooden door…and someone came up to our house in the middle of the night and played some freaky music with kids singing “somethings behind you” or something like that haha.

Scared the crap out of me and my mate.

I was raiding an abandoned base in the middle of the night and i start to craft a gun with their raided stuff and after 4 seconds. A man appears RIGHT infront of me with a gun pointed towards my face and he disappears about 2 seconds later and he never reappeared. VERY SCARY shit.

I remember building my home at night and saw someone out of the corner of my eye. He caught me looking at him and hid behind a tree, in the dark. When I walked up to him, he ran off while saying (in a goofy voice): “I’m your friendly neighborhood crack dealer!”

For me it when i log into a server and someone said ‘‘a cheater make my base fly in the air and i can’t even spawn in’’

haha nice ones.

Local voice chat is great. Tonight 2 guys dressed in armor (dont know what type tbh) approach me while im gathering and one says ‘hey naked guy stop’. I stop and turn around. He says ‘got some iron ore for me?’

Now at this point, i have to make a descion. I know if i give him some ore then they will probably leave me alone. But thats the easy way and im a stubborn son of a bitch. Dying is fine by me. So i just kept drawing my rock and jumping up and down and side to side. I said nothing.

He says ‘thats just too freaky’ and they leave.