Spore Addon - Wil pay 65-130$

I may want like 10-20 NPC Spore Creatures, Like 5 Cars, 5 Boats And 5 Spaceships. 5 Playermodels and the cars, boats and spaceships should be controlable. And atlast I may want the spore parts that I can ‘‘make’’ a spore creature. I want Galactic Adventures parts too. This may be work, I would send the links of the spore things from SporePedia and I have much much money so I will pay. The developer must say how much it would be.

Almost forgot! I have a server and it should be server-side and auto download to the player. If its possible I would have something that you type or something that its mine and the developers name in the credits, So nobody would claim it as theirs.

I will pay 65-130$ for this.

You know, with the “colladaexport” command, you can’t export BUILDINGS, or CARS, or BOATS, or ANYTHING that is not a CREATURE.
Playermodels and NPCs can be made only if they were made with the VALVE rig.
I only port spore models for my hobbies, not for someone who wants them.

About the server thing, they, if put into your addons folder in the server, can be installed on there.

Gotta make my own custom creatings like an Monster (Crocodile, Sonic, ect.) and some of more buildings and vehicles, don’t forget the fruit and skeletons.