Spore creature ragdolls?

Is it true that you can be able to port the Spore model to source using the COLLIDA file, in ragdoll terms?
I made them as props, but not ragdolls. Can anyone help me?


You will need to rig most of them from scratch. They very easily exceed Source’s 128-bone limit.

It’s doable, but if I’m right your ports were very small, you’ll have to scale them up.

If I put them in blender, they are already rigged, but how to make the physics model?

Agreed, the Spore ports all share the same size, except the Spore Hunter.

32 bones is the limit unless I missed something massive at some point @.@

You can use the reference SMD (the model you already have) as the physics model the compiler will happily use it to just generate the collision mesh, what you need to do is after doing that open the model in model viewer and work out the joint constrains.

I’m pretty sure you can have as many bones as you want but you can have only 32 that have collisions.

Sadly the reference bone limit is 128, as Varsity said. :frown:

I think it’s 128 bones per model with 20(32 in gmod) bones used for collision



Ok, but how do you do the ragdoll.smd and other animations? I’m using Blender 2.56 beta with the IO SMD tools.

What I was saying is that, how do you make the ragdoll.smd in blender 2.56 beta with the smd tools?

Still no posts, I need help!

type colladaexport in the console when your in painting mode (to open the console: ctrl+shift+c)
then the game exports ur creature into a maya file(with the bones directly on it) on my documents/sporecreatures or something like that.

and then i dont know what to do with it annymore…

I know how to do that, thank you very much.

But I need help with the physics model, I used the engineer’s physics model, and then, IT BECAME SO FREAKIN’ SMALL. help?

I already said how to do the physics model ~.~

Ok, I did that,
but how do you make the ragdoll.smd? I STILL need help with that…

Sorry, but I STILL need HELP.

Just use the same one for that aswell.