spore model ripping

do you remember spore? that one game about making creatures and other creations?
yes? no? maybe? anyways… i remember back when spore was around that there was a feature maxis added to import spore creations into maya.

so heres the question, has anyone considered thinking about rigging spore creations by importing them into maya, or is that too much difficulty to begin with?
heres a link to the spore maya tutorial: http://www.spore.com/comm/tutorials/export_creatures

It’s possible, but from what I know from previous attempts, SPORE has a fucktardedly high polycount that Source can’t handle.

Spore, I wish more people “especially the developers” still acknowledged that game even exists.

Hope this works out.

Hmm, ive actually been thinking about doing something like this, I’ll take a look during this week sometime.

oh crap really? i guess this is why there’s no ragdolls on this and other games that feature body modification to the extreme, champions online for example.