Spore - Space Core


I made a Space Core Creature in Spore and ported it to Garry’s Mod.

Spore (Making the creature)
Darkspore (For the eye)
Dark Injection V5 (A mod which “injects” the Darkspore parts in Spore)
Blender (Editing and exporting to .SMD)
Paint .NET (Textures to .VTF)
Notepad ++ (Editing .VMTs)
GUIStudioMDL (Compiling)


EDIT: Wow, 227 views, and no replys?

It’s cool that your porting these Spore creations.

Thing is, the creations you’re porting aren’t appealing at all, or any good use to posers.

Maybe if you were to port a vehicle that looks really awesome, or a creature that had a lot of effort put into it, you might get a set of comments or posts.

I can only port creatures.

Oh, this creation had Darkspore parts in it. If anyone want Darkspore parts on future models, click on agree.

search the popular spore creations on the site, port them

I’m busy working on a spore creature ragdoll which will be better then my worm.


Try that one when you have the time.

Looks a bit complex. I’ll have to do that one after my current project.

Your avatar. :colbert:

Please… I will not change it. Just download and move on.

well its a nice creation, but it doesnt really look like the space core.