SporeMod - Team Building Currently

Features(not yet lol):
Cell Stage:
Multiplayer Only No AI
Custom Levels
Editor for cell
Gain DNA by Eating Flora Cells or Eating Enemys
Flora Cells Wander Randomly
Eat Enemys for gaining the parts they have
Each Part Has Stats
Customization is easy for servers (making new parts)

Q Menu Opens a Menu for Cell:
Changing Cell Name
Buying Parts:
You can buy parts you havent unlocked by using dna but they cost 10 times as much as they are in the editor alone
Open Cell Editor

Creature Stage:
Multiplayer Only No AI
Custom Levels
Editor for Creature
Ability to Make Nests
Every now and then there is meat laying in the ground
Flora Randomly Placed
Ability to be Male or Female
Q is basicly the same thing as cell but creature editor

Base Idea:
The Creature fun of Spore in a better form with gibs guts gore and stuff that spore took out to make it not m also ability for better customization and alot more fun




Beta Testers:

Is this another “Lol i haz ideaz for modz but am shit at everything so i r be incharge and take credit but get udder peeps 2 werk 4 meh!!” threads?

Hes the programmer so i give this mod a 10% chance

It seems he’s going to be programming it himself at least…

What I personally wonder is, why in the devil would you want to recreate spore anyway?

for the lulz.

i only liked cell stage im doing creature stage for god knows why but i need a team…

You should let the game focus on the tribal stage, it could turn up great that way without going overpowered.

I saw this video:

I agree. City stage is to far. Creature stage you might get away with if you’re lazy and don’t want to make tribes :stuck_out_tongue:

I must admit, that looks pretty cool.

I personally HATED tribal, civilization and spacestage in spore.
Cellstage was cool, and creature stage was alright too… although it sure wasn’t what it was made out to be.

Very cool.

I liked the creature stage. Cell stage was so-so, and then the stages beyond that were generic RTS.

I like all the stages, just some of them need refining ie Tribe Stage, fun but needs more interseting concepts.

thats exactly why i got the last expansion, creature stage is the best one

I searched Gspore and other spore related articles,

Hes an alt, apparently sgt.will, Ban him!!


Well, after looking at the video, i give this mod, a >50% chance of success, success being actually getting completed, not establishing a fan base.

pl0x please stop, you shit up a lot of threads with your posts. I know people go into posts and say this, but that is usually when it is a post with someone who has no other skills.

This is a legitimate post seeings how they can at least code the gamemode…

Looks really cool, would love to help, but not sure I can at the moment.

Awesome, I would love to be part of a Beta/a testing

That video looked like Machinima to me, not game footage. So why are people assuming that this guy who just joined is going to make something awesome?

I don’t follow. If you can make it, congrats, would be awesome if you can correctly depict how Spore should’ve been.

Hell, if this ends up like anything that vid showed, this gamemode is gonna soar D:.