Sports Car Suspension Tutorial
This is my first tutorial video. I currently don’t have a mic that was good enough quality, but i really didn’t think i need one… If you think the tutorial really would have gone over better with a microphone, please say so. Otherwise, have fun watching!

A little something i whipped up this morning to show how i like to go about making suspensions. Most people work on massive, sturdy suspensions for Tanks or SUV’s, but i found that i like this particular technique best for quick, agile vehicles. The ropes beneath the chassis keep the wheels from folding atop of the chassis, and the double elastics provide some extra stiffness. This contraption even works with 3 or 4 elastics a wheel, just be sure to keep the Weight of the props in check.


Nice tutorial. Easy to follow.

Thank you! I was hoping i could achieve such a video without a mic.

meh quality is kinda REEEHEAA

It’s available in HD, but youtube isn’t showing it atm for some reason =.=