Spot The Oddity

I guess this would be a proper place for a thread of this type. Anyway, what’s wrong with this picture?

Breen and Kliener are in it, there is an eye above Breen and Kliener is standing on a box or something.

The door is transparent.

I would probably say the eye on the wall behind breen.

that giant stack of boxes in the office

What’s wrong with having Breen and Kliener in it?

Also… he’s… not standing on anything… What makes you think he is?

(Also, I’m thinking of doing an I-Spy type thing… Good or bad idea? :D)

There is an eye where breen is?

No one sees the door?

You’ve never seen a glass door before?

Is it just me or are there two doors.
Or is the giant black the side of a vending machine.

Naw the vending machine is just not looking our way.

tire on the desk?

I think that what that is…

They’re actually working?

NOt everything has a shadow.

Is it the eye above breen?

Then you would be wrong.

Someone dropped paper all over the floor.
They have a bunch of shitty computers from 1998 or something.
Someone has left a painting on the desk.
They’re keeping their supply of printer paper behind a desk; how unsightly.
The office clearly has no janitor because the places is a mess.
The two workers in the picture need to retire.
There’s an eye on the wall.
There are huge carboard boxes on a desk.
The chair is a health and safety risk.
The plant is ugly.

I’m just guessing the eye is the only odd thing but here are a few others.

The glass door? What the fuck, that’s not normal.

kliener looks taller or that is just a very small desk.

The shadow on the plant is straight down even though the lights aren’t on top of it.

One of the lights are rotated 90 degrees.

The weird wall thing by the glass door that the tan file thing is against, makes no sense at all or the cabnit is just placed retarded.

The other shadow coming off the picture on the desk.

Is that enough :o

Why are people so confused by a glass door?

Idiots I tell you. All of them are idiots.