Spotlights for your house to be placed anywhere onto them!

To be able to craft Metal Spotlights to place onto your house to light up an area in the dark.

More like “I’M HOME COME RAID ME BROS”-lights.

Yeah Great idea.

I guess they will have to be solar or battery powered??

The only thing i can see wrong with it, is rust being lit up like a Christmas tree at night…

Should stick to the basics though, placable torches?

And then machine gun emplacements and fortified turrets? And spike traps?

I don’t think there is any point of these kind of posts…
The game is in EARLY-ALPHA!
They will add everything what is needed and it will all be in the final game

LOL… the trolling… start setting them up on others houses just for the hell of it :slight_smile:
Run off and just wait for the gunfire to start :slight_smile:

I would prefer a good (rust)ic torch or something that you have to re-fuel with wood or something else.

Make a shovel (wood + metal) dig up some of that lovely sand that surrounds you place it in a forge make some glass, use that glass and metal to make a lantern you can place that requires the low grade fuel to burn.

Why not just rename the game to minecraft?
Making glass requires ( Almost ) extreme heat, you can’t just make glass from a campfire. And how would you refine it enough to make it transparent?