Spray paint

I have been thinking for a while that this game needs signs or books so you can leave a message to someone you just raided, or to a friend to tell him that you moved shop.

My immediate thought was signs or books like minecraft, but I think paint and a brush or spray paint would suite this game much better.

Yes its a good idea. Spraycan which after use pop up a window where u can enter what u want and u can place it down to the walls. And this paints is deleted after 3 day maybe.

Good idea, but you KNOW itl just be dicks everywhere O_o

Yeah obviously it would be 98% dicks and swastikas, lol.

But the other 2% would be either really useful or just some really cool graffiti. I do think that there needs to be some way for people to leave messages to each other in this game, rust players are not dick shy. We will be ok.

I have never thought of this. its actually a marvelous idea!.

I imagine going on raids and leaving my tag. Yes there would be dicks. but there will also be some beautiful grafitti. and a message system of some sort. like… move or you die… :P.

Also this would give us a way to decorate our houses/buildings. Like having the same tag/gang/bandit/group/clan symbol on 10 buildings in an area. then ppl will now if they wanna live there. they are gonna have a baaad time.

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Please devs. for the love of good think about this :D.

Doesnt need to be spray cans… just… a paintbrush…

or maybe just preset sprays so you cant spray whatever you want to avoid dicks and swastikas

or chalk made from charcoal would be kool and have a choice between text mode and preset designs that you can make in your house so you don’t die drawing outside. Also, making the text decal look like scribble and only put on doors so you have to activate it to see so it’s not across the whole wall and maybe set it so you can make it private, if need be, so only the owner of the door can see it, but still having letters in the design mode so you can still talk some trash. Also just an idea but I’d like the doors to show who owns it, so if someone you know builds a new house while you’re offline you know whether or not to raid it, just a thought…