Spray problem since update to 13.

Since garrys mod updated to 13, my sprays have been broken/invisible to other players on all servers.

Steps I’ve tried:

1). Imported the .vtf file into the game through the import, left the game, and drag and dropped the file into the VGUI/logos foldier to make it show up in game. It shows in the multiplayer tab. I can spray the spray in a multiplayer server but only I can see it.

2). Left the game and deleted my temp foldier in my materials foldier. Restarted the game and joined a server. The foldier got recreated from the game and stored other people’s sprays just fine. My spray is still invisible to other people.

3). Validated garrys mod and all files were ok.

I don’t know what else to do, I could try and delete garrys mod 13 beta I have downloaded if that conflicts with something. I really don’t want to delete garrys mod and redownload but if I must I could try.

All I want to do is have a sprayable (seeable to other people) sprays again. After more then a month this is getting old. Can anyone give tips on how to fix this?