Spray Remover

I have looked all over both new and old wiki, along with a few admin mods and I have searched the forums; however, I cannot find a way to remove sprays. All I want to know is, Is it possible and if it is, can I get a push in the right direction.

[del]I don’t think it is possible.[/del] Derp.
If you want to disable sprays completely, you can disable sv_allowupload, or do what Leystryku said below.

If you want to use it in a gamemode: function GM:PlayerSpray( ply ) return false end otherwise
hook.Add(“PlayerSpray”, “DisableSprays”, function() return false end)

Well the problem is that I like having sprays on the server, but a few users spray porn sprays and there is no way to remove them, other than moving it with Player:SprayDecal()

Since it is not possible why has garry not made a function to do so? It would be very useful.

For anyone who ever needs it…

v:SprayDecal(Vector(0, 0, 2e30), Vector(0, 0, 2e30))

where V is a player, it will set the spray off the map, aka “delete” it.
Full credit to mdew who coded it :slight_smile: