Sprays activated/Advanced tab suggestion/Achievement suggestion

Lengthy but readable

  1. Sprays
    I’ve noticed that sprays have been de-activated? No one can spray them and my old stuff won’t work? sv_pure is 0 on about every server I hop too so is there a reason to it?

  2. Advanced tab
    Ah yes, It would be good if we had one, simply with stuff like maybe “Custom Name”, Weapon hand (stupid but sometimes people rather left than right) and other sort of things (any one can contribute!)

  3. Achievement suggestion
    The achievements are bugged horribly and are small (I guess cause gmod isn’t made for competition, just for fun) it would be nice however to add more like
    Minge Maxim - RDM/Kill all people on the server
    Constructing a master piece! - load up gm_construct 600 times
    All the room I got - load up gm_flatgrass 600 times
    Tool gun pro - Use the tool gun 2000 times
    Say cheese! - Snapshot 200 pictures of your work


Anyway I hope you like it and see if you would or maybe want some things change, keep your comments to a mature level gents :slight_smile:


For me sprays only work If I have seen the spray on another server first, and very few sprays seem to work on a server at the start. Also an achievement for RDM? Definitely a bad idea.

I rather like the name of the achivements, but I do agree the first one wouldn’t be very nice. People would rush onto server in order to get that achievement, and they’d all be turned into HL2:DM.

Not to mention people who only come to kill are perma’d on any sensible server.

The spray enabling command is r_decals 1