Sprays not working on the server


On our garry’s mod TTT server sprays only seem to work once you’ve been on another server with someone where they do work. For anyone new joining the sprays don’t show at all. You can hear the sound it makes but you can not see the picture.
This makes me believe the problem is server side!

However, I’ve scouted the net for possible solutions. I’ve tried the ones I found but there were not many.

settings that I know have something to with it are set right, such as:

sv_pure 1
sv_allowuploads 1

If anyone has any ideas whats causing this, any help would be appreciated!


You really should avoid enabling sprays because they can be exploited.

If you really want to though make sure you have this setting too
sv_allowdownloads 1

wont that fuck with the fastDL?

quoting the standard server.cfg file:

sv_allowdownload 0 // 0=FastDL Enabled, 1=FastDL_Disabled

It doesn’t affect fastdl at all, whoever your host is is a tard.

Seems to be working!