Spread of Nazism! help

Hi Guys,

is there any way to find out the owner of signs, who made Nazism symbols on my server? (Steam ID)
Maybee the information is in the storage.db ?

Thanks for help against bullshit!

Greetz Rhino (Lets Play Rust! Server - Admin)
Sry for my bad english

That’s a problem that plagues Rust. The 13 year old playerbase is enamored by pictures of Swastikas and “I hate ni**ers” signs.

I just switch to another server until I find one that isn’t totally littered with that childish crap.


Through plugins yes, otherwise no, Rust itself does not track ownership of anything unfortunately.

Who the fuck cares? It’s a fucking RUST, game where you run around with your exposed dong out.

Apparently the admin cares.

It’s the same people who got Dukes of Hazard taken off the air because the stars and bars are painted on the General Lee. I mean, seriously people… Really? Way off topic here, but it’s sad when “tolerance” goes so far overboard that it becomes “intolerance” in itself.

I hate the offensive signs people put up just as much as the next guy. Lately someone has blanketed our server with these stupid “Black Lives Don’t Matter” signs and I take the time to chop them down when I see them. But finding their SteamID’s so you can (I assume) ban/punish them is overkill.

So you’re saying people should tollerate nazi philosophies, symbolism and racism…?

A whole generation did that and it resulted in millions of deaths worldwide.

Perhaps we should tollerate murder, pedophilia, rape and other monsterous crimes as well.

Yes, this is a perfectly reasonable and not at all logically fallacious argument.


The point that you’re failing to understand is where do you draw the line of being tollerant.

So please, go away and stop trying to bait and trol me as you have tried before, you sir have nothing to add to an argument except to try and bait people with a pointless comments that more often than not make no sense at all, even failing to read on occasion.

I am not the type of person who will accept your imbecilic comments and say nothing as so many others here do. :idiotcull:

So please enlighten us all with your logical argument on where we should draw the line on tollerance? - Or go ahead and try and bait me some more.

If it’s a private server, the admin is free to allow or disallow whatever they want.

you are literally saying that if you’re ok with/cant bother to care about some edgy kids on a game making a sign with a swastika you are ok with pedophilia

Urrmmm no I’m ASKING if we are tollerate nazi symbolism, philosophies and racism, where do you draw the line on tollerance and should what I gave as an example also be tollerated.

Where is the line drawn?, if one form of monsterous philosphy is tollerated, then why not others? (BTW you forgot to mention I also said murder and rape - Funny how some people get stuck on one point that appals them huh…)

Just to illustrate a point.

Are you talking about in game or IRL because the OP is about in game…

Are you saying that racism or nazi symbolosim is any less offensive because it’s in a game?

It’s quite clear what you said.

Actually I didn’t “say” anything. I was asking for clarification of your question.

Hang on. Isn’t the swastika a symbol of peace/luck in Hinduism? He’s not spreading fascist lies, he’s spreading peace.

(I’m being sarcastic)

This is exactly the sort of ridiculous over-reaction I was referring to.

To answer your question directly, I never said “people should tollerate nazi philosophies, symbolism and racism”. AT BEST, you could perhaps take from my post a tollerence of Nazi symbols. However there is NOTHING in what I said that indicates we should tolerate their philosophies or racism (or any of the other shit you tacked onto it). What you’ve done here is called a straw man argument and it’s exactly the kind of over the top bullshit that I was talking about when I said this kind of stuff can be taken way too far.

We’re talking about a bunch of kids drawing lines on a sign in a game in a way they know will get a rise out of people. Most likely the kids aren’t even racist. They’re just doing it because they like the reaction it gets. If happy faces and flowers got people like you worked up like this, they’d be drawing that.

So, to answer your other question…

Yes, a Nazi symbol is a shit ton less offensive when drawn by adolescent teens on a sign in a game for giggles than it is hanging from a burning cross in a yard. This seems obvious to me.

Honestly, symbols are symbols. They only have the power people give them. It’s what people DO that matters, not what they show. I think it’s almost always absurd to get up in arms, offended or even upset about symbols.

“say” is slang for “imply” and you defiantly implied it.