Spring has Come

Didn’t wanna make a thread for this but since DWMT gotta taken down I had no choice but to create one.



Good lighting and composition in both pictures. No complaints here.

The second one is just perfect man!

everything’s great in general, but i really dig the subtle post-processing in particular

Digging em ground textures

a lot of the shells kinda look like theyre floating cause of the floor, its kinda jarring

Yeah, that’s another reason why I didn’t wanna make a thread for this piece.

I didn’t place those shells there individually. Didn’t feel like spawning in 100 shells at a time and putting them in areas that seem like it isn’t floating so I took a shortcut and I used the bullet cluster from the spec ops pack. So some shells seem right in one area but then they’ll be 1-7 shells that are in the pitch black area. Can’t really control it though since all of the shells are like glued together with no bones to move them independently.