Spring Rain

I tried editing different things into this; it was mostly a big experiment


C&C Appreciated

Looks ok, in my opinion it should be a tad darker around the edges.
Just need to get rid of the gritty feel, too. Take away a bit of the rain, and it will look better. The blood looks good, except it doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be there, sorta like it’s pasted on, try and make it more 3D ish, like it’s actually on the ground there, and not floating.
Looks good, otherwise.

The posing seems fine, but work on your blood and rain edits.

Rain lacks depth?

Guy on tank did not really see Radioman and thomspson fella near them? Shame on him.

Nah, look, there is a pole in the way… well, maybe it excludes the guys you meant, but hey- the pole blocks some vision, right?

It looks too bright to be raining.


Thanks for all the C&C so far, I could never edit rain perfectly, because something would be “off” about it.

There is no way the Germans could possibly have got that close without spotting the Americans.