Sprint shenanigans

I hate how sprinting in Gmod works, you move at 30 km/h, can turn on a dime while keeping all of your velocity, and jump a 10-meter gap.

If you use a playermodel that doesn’t use the default animations but still needs to match the animation speed with their movement, you’ll see how ridiculous it is for something that small to move that fast, the legs of any model will break the sound barrier by how quickly they move back and forth.

Using the hammer “test your level” allows you to play with normal Source 1 movements, your sprint isn’t ridiculous and you’ll slow down when trying to turn too quickly, which seems much better, however, seeing this:

I hope the final product will have some tweaks, like not being able to keep that much speed when turning a sharp 90°.

I think I’m the only one that thinks this is an issue, hopefully not since I assume everyone wants S&Box to be more realistic than cartoony, it just wouldn’t bode well with me having such beautifully crafted realistic maps and gamemodes and see a guy doing the classic gmod-sprinting and jumping at 30 km/h zoom around a street corner and disappear.


So create your own player controller?


What he said.

Gamemodes and addons will be able to create their own controllers for these sorts of things. Nothing you see in any of Garry’s videos thus far is required or set in stone. Developers will have total control over most things.

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Garry (rightfully so, in my opinion) wants to keep the movement 1:1 with HL2 for the base gamemode. You can, however, completely customize the movement in a much more straight forward way than with source 1. There are some snippets about this in the DevCam thread, but I think it was talked a little more in-depth in FP’s Discord, because that was laid out to us before the forum was created.

For accommodating small and big players in a server, there would be the need to create a client customizable player controller, which should be ok as long as you are not worried about possible competitive advantages.

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Since everyone already mentioned the player controller, I’ll add that with the new modeldoc and animgraphs we can easily work things conditionally with parameters ala the player animator class

You could do this with GMod too but most people wouldn’t put in the time. This will make it leagues easier and actually tie it into the model clean


I’ll never trust server owners to do these things, from what we see in Gmod 99% of the servers are just the owners taking addons from the workshop, this is why I thought that making the default movement should be more realistic.

But if Garry wants it that way I can’t blame him, wanting to keep the movement as close as the original as possible is a good reason, and hey, most of those servers have addons or gamemodes that replaces “sprint” with “run” and “run” with “walk”, let’s just hope S&Box will have more competent server owners.


Some of us actually like Quake/Source style movement bunnyhopping, duckjuming, Trimping, and all of the quirks related to the movement style you just mentioned. Realistic movement feels so tied down to the ground and not in a good way for some people.


More power to you, Garry mentioned he wants 2 styles for S&box, a realistic one and a cartoony one, so I’m sure eventually someone will make a "Goofy looney tunes movement" addon to cater to everyone.

HL2 is “Goofy looney tunes movement”. And it is being catered to need I remind you… HL2 movement being implemented by default is kind of pivotal for that point.

You wouldn’t even need a custom character controller. In GMod you can just lower sv_friction and reduce your velocity depending on how different your input direction is from the direction of your velocity during the SetupMove hook.

Then make your own addon and put it on the workshop.

EDIT: This post was flagged as “off topic” by enough people to hide it. This makes no sense seeing as it coincidentally parrots what other posters above have said. If it offended anyone, I apologize.

Forcing something so controversial isn’t acceptable in my opinion. Changes like this, if you want them done you have to do them yourself and just deal with risking lack of exposure or that others may not like it.

sorry :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :wink: didn’t think about that, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ill try’? :slight_smile: lets gooo

While I disagree with the OP, I don’t see how saying “Make your own addon” fixes the problem he mentioned.
Not like you can make a “Custom Walking Speed” addon and everyone is going to see that and download it because walking and sprinting speed are already going to be easily set with console variables.


That’s source movement and it’s good! Anyway, you can change this yourself with cool gamer coding

But seriously, Source 1 movement is the best option a sandbox game, and someone will make an addon to make the movement more modern-y

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Yes, it is good for a sandbox game where you create and stuff, which I guess is why it should be the default movement for a game literally called s&box…

I just hope no one shirks movement for their gamemodes, which I’m hoping they won’t because surely problems will start to arise if they do, especially for more realistic combat or roleplay modes.

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I was planning to play around with making my own movement systems. I really like the movement in apex legends so I wanted to make something similar. I might experiment more and make something that you look for. I’ll try to release everything to the public for free if I ever finish any of these projects. But don’t take my word for it as I might lose interest by the time the game is released.

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He is talking about something more advanced than just some CVars. A custom functionality that fits his specific tastes. Suggesting that he make the solution himself(or have someone else do it) so that those who are interested can use it is appropriate.

What are the alternatives?

  1. Force this niche feature onto everyone who uses S&box by default.
  2. Include an alternate character controller in S&box that handles momentum just the way he wants.

Is there something I’m missing here?

While I’m being blunt here, I can see the merit in what he’s saying for roleplay/immersive gamemodes in particular. But really, can’t this niche feature just be community content? It’s a common argument to be made against many ideas here.

That’s what I intended to say when replying to the OP with “gamemodes and addons will be able to create their own controllers for these sorts of things.”

When the issue presented is that people will make realistic maps with beautiful gamemodes, I’d expect the authors of said gamemodes to craft a movement system particular to the gameplay they’re going for. Games like TTT and Murder thrive off the default movement in Source because they’re wacky and fast paced, and the tricky physics allow for secrets and other fancy tricks. I couldn’t imagine either of those gamemodes working with a “realistic” form of movement where water doesn’t stop fall damage, steep hills can’t be climbed, etc.

That all said, the game’s in development. Whatever Garry posts is subject to change a thousand times over if he so desired.

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In sympathy with the thread’s suggestion, I think that introducing(at least in the code) an easy way to toggle water fall damage and what angle of slope you can climb up would be good.

That way we don’t have to copy and gut or hack the original wholesale. Really more a suggestion of convenience for modders. Then that niche would hopefully be filled more.