Sprite visability help

Hi all,
Today I wanted to make some sprites and I found some code on the wiki which works for me:

local pos, material, white = Vector(-6124.304688, -9824.836914, 203.031250 ), Material( "sprites/glow01" ), Color( 255, 255, 255, 255 ) --Define this sort of stuff outside of loops to make more efficient code.
hook.Add( "HUDPaint", "lightstuff", function()
	cam.Start3D( EyePos(), EyeAngles() ) -- Start the 3D function so we can draw onto the screen.
		render.SetMaterial( material ) -- Tell render what material we want, in this case the flash from the gravgun
		render.DrawSprite( pos, 32,32, white ) -- Draw the sprite in the middle of the map, at 16x16 in it's original colour with full alpha.
end )

Now what I wanted to know is how can I make it so if the person is looking where the sprite is but has something blocking their view I can make the sprite hide itself.
I know it will be an if statement but I do not know how to calculate if the person can see the sprite directly.

So to sum it up. How can I make a sprite hide itself when it is not physically visible. (e.g. Something blocking the player’s view)


Anyone got any ideas?


In HUDPaint, you are within a cam.Start2D with render.IgnoreZ(true) (or so I believe).
Call this in the PostDrawOpaqueRenderables hook. You can remove the cam.Start3D()/cam.End3D() then. It’s implied.