Sprites black border

Allright, I’ve searched for something but facepunch is incompetent at searching.
My problem is that when I try to use sprites, the area that should be clear is black. Sometimes it works, but it usually goes black again after I load the map. It shows up like that in-game too.



Sometimes it doesn’t show up at all in-game

that happened to me too, i don’t know how to fix it, all you can do is find one that doesn’t have black. ones with black don’t work for me. not sure if this was much help

Set the renderfx in properties to “world space glow”, should fix that.

Ah thanks! It did work.

BTW Sorry for all the help posts

-snip- mis read something again

Dear christ that’s blocky and terribly textured.

for now

It’s not finnished

snipping without editing?

Haha, holy shit thats weird, then again I did edit it like a second after posting, maybe it ignored the fact it was a edit.