SProps - Tiled Triangles, Cylinders, Fittings, More


Please do not re-upload this…
SProps has finally arrived on the workshop! Don’t forget to rate!
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This project has and continues to take up a considerable amount of my time and effort. If you appreciate what I have done for the community, please consider donating!


SProps is a comprehensive model pack designed to supercede PHX by improving upon it and eliminating its faults. For builders, this means a much wider selection of shapes and sizes presented in an organized format.

• Over 3200 unique models
• More size variety than PHX
• Many shapes that PHX lacks all-together, such as cylinders, domes, and rings
• Organized. PHX is a mess because it had many contributors. SProps was made by me, so everything is consistent.
• Complex shapes have LOD models to help with FPS on high-prop contraptions.
• Accurate dimensions with model names representing them. In SProps, 12 is 12.

If you build something nice, send me an image of it! I love to see my work being used.

Created by shadowscion aka unrezt – if you find another upload, please report it.

If you switch from the svn/git version of sprops to this version, delete the sprops spawnlists from settings/spawnlist, and delete the sprops spawnicons folder from materials/spawnicons/models

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you need to report a bug, or want to suggest something, let me know!

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Nice for accenting Builds :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why it’s called SProps. Are they scripted in some way?

No, its just because my username is Shadowscion, and I couldn’t think of a less intrusive way of putting my “name” on it without actually doing it, so I just put the first letter. :s

Lovely, absolutely installing this on my server so I don’t have to make do with the ridiculously scaled PHX props (and their inconsistencies), thanks for the great addon!

I think I love you

You’ve got my download good sir.

I’m going to put this on my server.

Coooool, adding to my servers now.

Fucking thing quoted instead of editing.

I will be adding many new prop sets today. I have completed the flat plates, but haven’t uploaded them yet
as I think its a better idea to make fewer but larger updates rather than continue updating bit by bit.

I would also like to thank everyone for their support. Thank you.

Wait you are doing more? Neat.

Implement! Implement! Garry! Implement it NOUW!

Yes… yes it is

Pretty big update uploaded. If you are updating, you will want to delete
the main dir settings/spawnlists/sprops_*.txt files, and also the sprops spawnicons folder.

Are these any better/worse with fps than PHX?

I couldn’t think of a decent way to test that. I stacked 600 plates from phx and compared it to 600 plates from sprops, standing
1000 units away the results were identical(keep in mind my computer is utter shit). I am guessing for plates/blocks this will always be the case, but all of the
cylinders and other weird shapes in this pack have LODs, and I am going to assume(not sure though) the majority
of phx doesn’t, so that should help a bit if you are concerned about fps.


That’s way too early for something being updated so often in these early stages.
Also great new progress Shadowscion, can’t wait till this becomes wide spread in use!

Doesn’t seem to align with the Smartsnap grid. Shame, that would make it so much more useful.

You realize you can change the smart-snap settings to align with any prop ever created, right?

Anyway, change maximum to 12 and minimum to 6 to get it to line up.

Nice man, adding to my server nowww C: