spt vrs spy gmod style

how cool would it be to play the game spy vrs spy on gmod.the ideas are pointless. so many traps to use like telaporting floors to an anvil on top of the head. i would love to see what some one can do with this idea. sorry for the post title. i typed it out to fast



if anyone would like to then YES!
this is the most epic game ive played on my NES
but i dont know if its possible in gmod.
and noone likes doing so

I played the Xbox (that’s Xbox 1, not 360) version… Ah, those were good times. This would be brilliant, but uh… Take more time with your spellings. Really sorry, but that’s atrocious. Just take your time.

Now that you mentioned it i remember that game nostalgia

Way to ruin my 50’th post :frowning:

I have it for xbox too, man I love that game. I think it would be awesome with gmod, but I think we’d need at least playermodels of the black and white spies, so that’s probably what’s stopping this from coming true right off the bat.

the spys from TF2 can be used in there place. That whould make more simpler theen all thats left is the game play.