Spwan player in jailbreak

I have problem with my jailbreak server. I tried to spawn player using “v:Spawn()” in my script (v - player), but player didn’t spawn. I think, that my gamemode -removed- blocking this command. I was looking for this in code, but i didn’t find it. Help.
I’m sure that my script works (except v:Spawn()).

(User was banned for this post ("Posting link to warez." - Swebonny))

Holy fuck you just uploaded a paid gamemode. Remove that link before you’re banned from CoderHire.

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Talk to Chessnut, the author, if you need help.

Anyone can find this gamemode in internet. Lol.

Chessnut made it to sell on Coderhire. He uses that money to continue making amazing scripts.

You can find it, but it’s pirated (probably backdoor filled) and illegal. I suggest you look up on Piracy Laws.