Spwaning Gear.

Im not here to to totally bag on the spawning system for rust but whenever i kill someone i do not like to look at there genitalia, I also do not find it fun that you have to make a hatchet to be able to do about anything and if you don’t get the lucky spawn to be by a wood or rock pile you’re pretty much s**t out of luck. I would like to ask for a change back to some close and maybe a better melee.

Live with it. If you die once you spawn, it doesn’t matter since you’ll respawn with a rock over and over again. If you mind the genitalia then go away, I hope they keep it, I like looking at threads that whine about it.

It’s a little weird that you are ok looking at a penis, I payed 100 dollars for this game, I would love for this to be heard of.

grow up

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are you really that insecure about your sexuality that you whine about something insignificant in a game (that you paid $100 for)

That’s not really the problem my friend. I don’t like killing someone in my house cause then i have to look at a penis for the next couple hours.

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It’s a little hard to make a youtube video when everyone you see is nude.

or you can not do that? you don’t have to stare at it. go do something else, if it’s that big an issue for you (which is silly) then stop playing for a while

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if you’re afraid of making a video of rust just because there are naked people then your videos probably aren’t worth making anyway

Im not looking at it, It’s still nudity and youtube will flag me for that.

Just let him do whatever he wants. He’s probably a little kid, playing on his family computer in his living room with his parents in the background watching everything that he does.

so edit it out? it’s really not hard whatsoever

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if his parents are watching what he does and they say “don’t play this game because theres nudity” then he shouldn’t play it. they shouldn’t change parts of the game (no matter how insignificant) just because some people don’t like it if.

You can insult someone over a forum, You’re really cool. Actually i’m 19.


YouTube won’t flag you unless the main purpose of the game is nudity, if the purpose is like in this case, survival, it won’t be a problem.

I don’t know if you adolescent’s notice that WE ARE ALPHA TESTERS. Garry will take suggestions. That what this forum is bud!

you’re 19 yet you’re complaining about insignificant features in an unfinished game because you want to make videos of said game but don’t know how to edit

that’s just even worse

But your profile says 33?

you shouldn’t try to insult age (which you called someone out for doing earlier?) when you’re the one whining about dicks to be honest

obviously garry will take suggestions, i don’t know what you’re getting at with that. he might change it in the future, but it’s still up to him. plenty of people suggest they change it for silly reasons such as “i don’t want my videos to be flagged” or “i’m insecure about my sexuality and dicks frighten me”

If you really don’t like it that much just beacuse of genitalia then you can give it away.

Holy shit you are just obnoxious, You don’t know how many hours it takes to edit clips already, If you have ever had more than 100 subscribers you would understand that you have to edit.

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Then shut the actual fuck up, This is a forum towards garry as a suggestion.

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Cause everyone puts fake dates.

too bad. it’s either you edit them (which is something that shouldn’t be considered a hard task for you, if you’re making videos then people expect them to have some editing in) or you put up with it.

[sp]100 subscribers isn’t really much of an accomplishment by the way[/sp]

You do not have to make a MW3 xXl3GiTqUicKsCop3ZzXx montage where the original gameplay is barely visible, you just have to put a simple square.