Spy about to do CQC on a engineer

Just beat MGS3 and I was inspired to make this.

I like it, especially the Spy

However… The Engineer looks strange, I mean, from the camera view, the scene is tilted whereas the Engineer is standing straight up, idk it just looks like he’s leaning forward.

Awesome picture, I love it!

Great, but why is he leaning forward, doing some Michael Jackson thing?

You mean the spy? He is approaching him. I found it difficult to make it look like the spy is moving closer with all the shurbury so I made his back all hunched forward.

Looks at their feet.


Mostly engie, looks like he’s leaning forward.

Wait… wouldn’t the turret detect and WTFBBQ him? Or is it being built?

Yeah but I think this would be called Artistic License. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I think that the sentry is facing the other way.

And the engineer looks like he’s falling down to the ground and go to sleep.